McDonald’s unveils net zero restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort

The building has an installation of 1,066 solar panels, plant-covered walls and stationary bikes for guests who can generate electricity for the restaurant through spinning

McDonald’s phases out plastic toys in Happy Meals

The fast food chain will now offer Happy Meals with soft toys or books, saving 3,000 metric tonnes of plastic

McDonald’s unveils its own plant-based burger

The meat-free ‘Plant, Lettuce, Tomato’ is now being trialled at 29 restaurants across Ontario, Canada

McDonald’s admits ‘sustainable’ paper straws can’t currently be recycled

The fast food giant said this is despite previous plastic versions, which were phased out, being recyclable

McDonald’s puts the freeze on McFlurry plastic packaging

The ice cream will be served in 100% recyclable cardboard containers from September this year

McDonald’s supersizes funding for recyclable and compostable cups

The fast food chain has committed $5m to the NextGen Cup Consortium and Challenge

McDonald’s fries towards sustainability

The fast food chain has committed to reducing its global emissions by 150 million metric tons before 2030

McDonald’s supersizes sustainability

McDonald’s has outlined new plans to improve the sustainability of its packaging and reduce waste. The fast food retailer has committed to make 100% of its food and drink packaging from renewable, recycled or certified sources by 2025. It also hopes every one of its restaurants will be able to recycle all packaging by this […]

McDonald’s pledges to fight deforestation

McDonald’s has announced a global commitment on deforestation. The pledge came after the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, which called for global companies and organisations to ‘do their part’ in an effort to end natural forest loss by 2030. The pledge includes all the company’s products and focuses on beef, fibre-based packaging, coffee, palm oil and poultry. […]

“Rip off” energy firms make public angry in new poll

Energy companies have got a drubbing in a new top ten poll of brands which make people angry – with British Gas singled out for the focus of public irritation. The Centrica-owned supplier, which is the largest energy provider in the UK came sixth, after all banks, the supermarket Tesco, fast food chain McDonalds and […]