McDonald’s launches new partnership to pilot reusable coffee cups

McDonald’s customers in some UK restaurants will be able to choose a reusable hot beverage cup which they can return to be cleaned and reused

Beginning in 2021, McDonald’s customers in select UK restaurants will be able to choose a reusable hot beverage cup, which they can return to be safely cleaned and reused.

That is the result of a new partnership McDonald’s has launched with TerraCycle’s circular packaging service, Loop, to test a new reusable cup model for hot beverages.

The initiative aims to help customers reduce waste by choosing a durable Loop-created cup for a small deposit.

The deposit can then be redeemed by returning the cup to be safely washed through the Loop system and reused again in McDonald’s restaurants.

Jenny McColloch, Vice President, Global Sustainability, McDonald’s Corporation, said: “We’re on a journey to rethink how we package products to give customers options that reduce waste, maintain the highest safety standards, and enhance the McDonald’s experience they expect and enjoy.

“That’s an innovation challenge, and it’s one we think the Loop model has the potential to help us solve.”

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