McDonald’s pledges to reach net zero from beef to light bulbs

Shropshire will become home to the first McDonald’s restaurant that will be built according to UK industry net zero standards

Big Zero Report 2023

McDonald’s has pledged to reach net zero by 2050.

The new commitment includes the carbon dioxide emissions from the entire business, from the beef it uses for its burgers to the energy consumed by light bulbs in its restaurants.

Today, its UK and Ireland business has also unveiled a ‘Plan for Change’ to help the fast-food restaurant giant achieve its aim of net zero emissions across its entire UK and Ireland business by 2040.

The plan includes the development of McDonald’s first restaurant that will be built to a UK industry net zero emissions standard in Shropshire.

Two weeks ago, the firm announced it will be trialing its first plant-based burger in Coventry and a further 250 restaurants later this month.

Paul Pomroy, Chief Executive, McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said: “McDonald’s has a long history of taking action where it really matters to the communities we serve. But we are at a moment now where we need to accelerate our ambition and work even harder to look after each other and the planet.

“This new ‘Plan for Change’ is not just our sustainability strategy, it’s our business priority. That means it isn’t a plan for one change, but for many, changes that together, with 1,400 restaurants, over 130,000 people, 23,000 British and Irish farmers and four million customers visiting every day, really will add up.”

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