McDonald’s launches sustainable farming initiative for UK potato growers

The fast food giant’s partnership with McCain aims to improve water and soil sustainability

McDonald’s has partnered with its potato supplier McCain to launch a sustainable farming initiative for British potato growers.

The Sustainable MacFries Fund will provide grants to potato growers in the UK and will invest in soil and water sustainability solutions.

The partnership, which has been developed in collaboration with McCain potato growers, will focus on four areas.

McDonald’s and McCain will fund new research to help understand the benefits of using cover crops to retain soil quality.

Furthermore, the partnership will enable planters to introduce advanced crop monitoring on their mobile devices to ensure the right amount of water is being used on the crop, optimising their water usage.

Partners will also work on a technology which helps the potato plant to create a better root structure and increase the uptake of water.

In addition, funding from the grant will give farmers the opportunity to conduct their own research into soil and water usage in their fields.

Daniel Metheringham, Agriculture Director at McCain GB and Ireland, said:We’re passionate about potatoes, which means we are doing all we can to create a sustainable future for potato farmers.”

Nina Prichard, Head of Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing at McDonald’s UK and Ireland, commented: “We will continue to work with our farmers and suppliers to innovate, supporting both the future of their businesses and the sustainability of our supply chain.”


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