How the grid and your organisation can cope with the surge in EVs

Decarbonising transport will require a huge rise in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the way. But will the grid be able to cope with charging all those EVs – and is there anything you can do as an organisation to prepare?

The end of the Triads: How TNUoS charges are changing

National Grid ESO recently published the final Triad dates for winter 2022/23. We explore what these latest Triads showed us about peak electricity demand and examine the new scheme that’s replacing them

Net Hero Podcast – Bigger and better Big Zero

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UK Power Networks launches the DSO

How will it help consumers and what does it mean for the grid?

‘Brits stopped enough peak energy use to power 10m homes’

That’s following the anti-energy blackout scheme ran by National Grid ESO last winter

‘Green projects that could power 150m homes face huge delays’

This is because the grid is not ready to connect them, new research suggests

NI to get a £3bn net zero network makeover

NIE Networks will invest that amount across a ten-year period, creating 1,000 new jobs for the country in the process

‘HS1 slamming on brakes powers 375 homes’

It’s also set to see financial energy savings of £1.7m each year with the new technology

Pakistan grid breakdown leads to power loss in all major cities

“A loss of frequency caused a major breakdown,” the Energy Ministry said

Electric assets and a changing grid – what does it all mean?

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