Thursday 11 May 2023

‘Brits stopped enough peak energy use to power 10m homes’

‘Brits stopped enough peak energy use to power 10m homes’

In a move to avoid blackouts, UK homes and businesses cut enough peak time energy use last winter to power 10 million households.

That’s according to data by National Grid ESO, which ran a scheme last year that saw people and firms paid to reduce demand on the grid by moving their energy use to non-peak hours.

This was after there were fears that the UK could face energy blackouts in light of the energy crisis.

The number that shifted their energy habits during the period – such as running dishwashers at night instead of in the day – helped generate as much energy as three hours of power from the Sizewell B nuclear plant.

Energy companies paid large amounts to customers who signed up – with Octopus revealing it paid out £5.3 million to participators.

Claire Dykta, Head of Markets at National Grid ESO, said: “We are now working with industry and consumers to establish how this world-leading service can grow from strength to strength and support the continued evolution of consumer flexibility in the UK.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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