The end of the Triads: How TNUoS charges are changing

National Grid ESO recently published the final Triad dates for winter 2022/23. We explore what these latest Triads showed us about peak electricity demand and examine the new scheme that’s replacing them

Big Zero Report 2023

What were the Triads?

Until February 2023, the Triads were the mechanism used to calculate the contribution that customers who use large amounts of electricity should pay towards maintaining and upgrading the electricity network. This was applied through the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charge.

The Triads often had the effect of reducing peak demand at certain points in the winter months. That’s because electricity users turned down their use when they estimated demand would be highest (and therefore likely to become one of that year’s Triads) in order to avoid paying extra TNUoS. As a result, less generation was often needed overall at these times than might otherwise have been expected.

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