UN Chief calls on G7 to be face of climate action

“We are clearly off track,” he said in a recent speech

Japan looks to more ‘realistic’ net zero approach

It says its environmental obstacles are distinct from Europe and America – and its approach should represent that

‘None of the G20 are cutting carbon quick enough’

Most countries actually saw increases in emissions

G7 warned ‘don’t allow climate to take a back seat’

A new report implores the leaders to reject a return to fossil fuels, during their recent meeting in Germany

G7 look to hit Russia with oil price cap

The nations are hopeful this will prevent further financing of the war in Ukraine

G7 pledges to ‘predominantly decarbonise electricity sectors by 2035’

Ministers of the G7 states have committed for the first time to phase out their coal-fired power generation

IEA – G7 can lead the world in cutting industry emissions

It is calling on these nations to set a pathway for net zero industry by 2050

The G7 summit and the fight against climate change – is it causing ripples or waves?

Organisations, charities and environmental campaigners react to the outcome of the 47th G7 summit

Boris Johnson flies to green G7 summit in private jet

The decision to take a 250-mile flight instead of more sustainable forms of transport has drawn widespread criticism on social media platforms

Budweiser brews renewable electricity to offset G7 consumption

Beer giant Budweiser has announced it will donate enough renewable electricity certificates to match the power used during the event