EV wins UK’s Car of the Year award

The MG4 has been labelled ‘perfect’ by the awards, overcoming petrol rivals to reach top spot

‘Government must invest in clean fuels for transport’

That’s the view from a cross-party committee advising on future steps

‘Tesla cutting prices kills EV confidence,’ says Renault Chief

“This is destroying value for the customer,” Luca De Meo said

Saudi looks to make 500k EVs by 2030

The Kingdom hopes the EV market will be easier to enter than the petrol one, with a less established hierarchy

Nissan and Renault look to forge partnership on EVs

The alliance deal is set to last 15 years – with information shared on parts and technologies

Only three new EVs cost less than £30k

Whilst the cheapest petrol sits at £13k, pricing many out of the electric revolution

China to take charge of EV market

China could have a 15% stake in the European EV market by 2025, a report claims

‘Energy crisis puts EV revolution in doubt’

Electric cars have become even less affordable for the masses, with the cost-of-living crisis

Rolls-Royce CEO calls on aviation to up net zero effort

He explains that people won’t give up flying so we have to work harder to cut its emissions

Tax savings on EVs for businesses

A new partnership looks to help more businesses get their employees into electric cars