Tevva launches 19 tonne hydrogen truck in Europe

The truck has a reported 500km range – and can be refilled in 10 minutes

Big Zero Report 2023

A 19-tonne hydrogen-electric truck has been launched by Tevva in Europe.

The truck will be displayed for the first time in Hanover this week – and represents the company’s heaviest model, after its 7.5 tonne model.

Lithium-ion batteries have been combined with a hydrogen fuel cell to provide the vehicle with an estimated 500km range.

Tevva claims the truck can be refilled in just 10 minutes – and can become an easy means to transport goods across the continent without carbon emissions.

A hydrogen fuel cell range extender has been added to the truck, meaning its battery power is replenished throughout the day, as it gets lower, the business claims.

By 2024, it is looking to produce 6,000 trucks each year.

CEO Asher Bennett said: “We are on a mission to make sustainable trucks accessible at scale and believe our technology will empower the transport sector and the governments of Europe to meet their net zero goals.

“By embracing hydrogen, we can rethink the energy mix in transport, reduce strain on our electricity grid and accelerate electric truck adoption.”

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