‘Not one HGV electric charger in all of Britain’

That’s according to the SMMT, claiming this will make the 2040 goal to end the sale of new fossil-powered HGVs unachievable

ENGIE teams up to build low carbon trucking network

Low carbon biogas, hydrogen and electric energy technology for refuelling trucks will be available at charging stations

Volvo Trucks takes 32% share of electric truck market

The company has sold 4,300 trucks since it began building them five years ago

Volvo delivers first electric trucks with fossil-free steel

The first steel produced with hydrogen is being used in the electric truck’s frame rails, the backbone of the truck upon which all other main components are mounted

Toronto Fire Services to plug in two all-electric trucks

The move supports the city of Toronto’s efforts to achieve net zero emissions community-wide by 2040

DB Schenker goes fossil-free on Swedish island of Gotland

Schenker Akeri has taken over all distribution transport on the island and rolled out four electric trucks and two hybrids from Scania

UK’s first hydrogen HGV launched

The hydrogen electric truck has a 500km range from a 20-minute refuelling session

Electric trucks start-up OX secures funding to deliver vehicles in emerging markets

The OX truck is a battery EV with zero tailpipe emissions engineered to tackle the tough terrain found in emerging markets and will be designed to be shipped flat pack and assembled in-country

UK ends EV buyer grant scheme to boost infrastructure

The plug-in grant funding will now be used to increase charging access and cut ‘range anxiety’

Electric tipper trucks are go!

A Blackpool-based company becomes the first in the UK to deploy the trucks