UK’s first hydrogen HGV launched

The hydrogen electric truck has a 500km range from a 20-minute refuelling session

Big Zero Report 2023

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Electric and hydrogen truck maker Tevva has launched what it claims is the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy goods vehicle (HGV) to be designed, manufactured and produced in the UK.

The Tilbury-based business has stated that its HGV is completely zero-emission – and it hopes many larger companies will look to adopt its trucks for use in their fleets.

It alleges that the truck can travel up to 500km after one 20-minute refuelling session, carrying as many heavy goods as a common diesel vehicle.

Due to the use of both an electric battery and hydrogen energy, Tevva explains it can ensure users can alleviate any stresses they may have regarding range anxiety or reliability.

The hydrogen fuel-cell used in the HGV – Image: Tevva

In 2019, HGVs accounted for 18% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and the government has set ambitious plans to cut this down rapidly in the race towards net zero.

Tevva is hopeful the new truck, set to be officially launched later today at the Road Transport Expo in Warwickshire, can become a precedent for decarbonising business fleets moving forward.

CEO Asher Bennett said: “We believe that Tevva’s hydrogen electric truck will be a popular choice for fleet operators across the UK, Europe and eventually North America.”

Trudy Harrison, Transport Minister, added: “A thriving UK hydrogen industry could not only help us meet our climate change obligations but also support thousands of jobs across the country in years to come.

“UK-based manufacturers like Tevva continue to build on the skills and expertise we have in hydrogen in the UK, developing new technologies, supporting economic growth and working towards net zero.”

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