Net zero roadmap to put data at the forefront of strategies

It is being released to provide emission baselines and support the implementation of reduction strategies with new technologies

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Swimming pool heated by a data centre?

Exmouth Leisure Centre claims the move has saved it thousands on energy bills

UN to deploy satellite-based system to track methane emissions from space

The Methane Alert and Response System (MARS), launched at the COP27 climate summit, is a data-to-action platform to get policy-relevant data for emissions mitigation

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Tesla supercharger stations grow 34% in one year

The number of connectors has also grown to more than 33,600

WPD unveils project to help grid deal with low carbon demand

Data from smart meters will determine the stress level on the grid and the best times to charge EVs and heat pumps

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How can hair be used to push net zero forward?

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