How can hair be used to push net zero forward?

Watch this Big Zero Lecture from the inaugural Big Zero Show to find out

Big Zero Report 2023

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“Across Europe and the UK, it’s estimated that annually there’s about 75 million kilograms of hair that get sent to landfill or incineration.”

That’s the view of Fry Taylor, Co-Founder at the Green Salon Collective, who spoke at the Big Zero Show, as part of the Big Zero Lectures.

Instead of it going to landfill or incineration, this hair can be used effectively to achieve net zero aims – but how?

In case you missed his lecture, he spoke about how salons and hairdressers can become more sustainable and wary of their carbon footprint.

In an industry heavily based on the look, how can the outlook change in terms of climate change?

Watch the full session to learn more.

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