White paper: Supply Chain Decarbonization – Establishing a Successful Decarbonization Program

When it comes to advancing and achieving your organization’s decarbonization goals, the role of data is critical, but also poses complex challenges

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Data can serve as a roadmap, allowing businesses to identify and prioritize the suppliers responsible for the most emissions and, in turn, allocate time and resources where they will have the greatest impact.

But for many companies with large, complex supply chains, the sheer number of suppliers to engage can feel daunting and serve as a barrier to action. Most companies do not have access to complete and accurate emissions data across their entire supply chains. But even if you start with imperfect data, it is important to start somewhere.

A new white paper published by Edison Energy, Alfa Energy’s parent company, explores:

  • Why data is vital to understanding your supply chain emissions
  • The benefits of an iterative approach to supply chain emissions data
  • Methods for calculating supplier emissions
  • The benefits of ‘imperfect data’

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