‘Global coal consumption at record high level’

New report by International Energy Agency says global coal consumption is at an all-time high

Nuclear is one of the safest forms of energy generation, says expert

Speaking at the Big Zero Show, Caroline Longman, Director of nuclear consultancy, Equilibrion said going net zero without nuclear risks our planet’s environment and life itself

‘UK abandons proposed law to ban coal power generation’

Experts warn that the government’s shift in position allows for the possibility of using coal power plants again if needed to prevent blackouts

Coal power station turned into 150MW battery storage system

SSE has turned its former fossil fuel Ferrybridge facility in Yorkshire into a 300MWh green hub

Australia approves first coal mine since election

This mine will be built close to Moranbah and is projected to generate 2.5 million tonnes of coal during a five-year period

NG puts one of the contingency coal plants onto the grid for first time

EDF’s West Burton A unit has become the first-ever activation of winter contingency contracts for coal

Coal power plant
Bangladesh backs coal after renewable problems

It is increasing its reliance on coal power due to poor renewable infrastructure

Cumbria coal mine decision was a mistake, says Chair of Net Zero Review

Chris Skidmore has said if the net zero review was taken forward, the coal mine would never happen

IEA: Coal use to hit record levels in 2022

However, the year also saw record production levels for renewables – the report has found

Drop coal or forget the 1.5°C target, says IEA

The global demand for coal has been at record highs for the last ten years, new report has warned