‘More than 1m EVs registered in Europe this year’

The highest number of registrations came in March, with close to 500,000 hitting the roads

‘Not one HGV electric charger in all of Britain’

That’s according to the SMMT, claiming this will make the 2040 goal to end the sale of new fossil-powered HGVs unachievable

‘Real EV ranges are 20% lower than carmakers claim’

That’s the claim made in a new study that tested more than 70 EVs

Welsh EV rollout slammed

The delivery of its charging network plans have been labelled “unacceptable and embarrassing”

New British EV charging company hits roads

This joint venture is looking to build up to 35,000 charge points across the UK in the next ten years

Aussies could be slapped with $3k fine for parking in EV spots

This is to make sure all EVs can be charged when needed and encourage a larger uptake

New EV charging tech trialled that doesn’t need a driveway

That’s according to Milton Keynes Council, which claims the device could save drivers up to £1,400 a year on charging

ENGIE teams up to build low carbon trucking network

Low carbon biogas, hydrogen and electric energy technology for refuelling trucks will be available at charging stations

Man fined for stealing power for his EV from the council

Electricity from the local council’s power box was used by the thief to get his car back on the road

REA: ‘EV infrastructure on course for government goals’

It is also still cheaper to charge EVs at 70% of public charging points, the study claims