New EV charging tech trialled that doesn’t need a driveway

That’s according to Milton Keynes Council, which claims the device could save drivers up to £1,400 a year on charging

Big Zero Report 2023

Milton Keynes City Council has joined forces with Kerbo Charge to test a new product that it claims will increase the accessibility of electric vehicle (EV) charging at homes.

The device is designed to fit between pavement slabs, making it possible to install at homes without private drives or parking.

Aside from not requiring driveways to install the device, it also eliminates the possibility of tripping hazards from wires, which also makes it easy to install in mass, the council has said.

It has predicted that using the technology could also produce savings of up to £1,400 per year when compared with using public chargers.

If the trial proves successful, the council plans to roll out the product to more residents this summer.

Councillor Jennifer Wilson-Marklew said: “This is a really innovative and exciting trial which could encourage people to make the switch to electric. This is another step towards us setting the standard and leading the way towards a net zero future.”

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