New British EV charging company hits roads

This joint venture is looking to build up to 35,000 charge points across the UK in the next ten years

Big Zero Show 2023

Balfour Beatty has teamed up with Urban Electric Networks to launch Urban Fox – a new British electric vehicle (EV) charging company.

Looking to build up to 35,000 charge points across the UK in the next ten years, Balfour Beatty has stated it expects to invest up to £60 million in this new company.

Urban Fox will start by deploying 7KW on-street chargers that are retractable underground, meaning they are out of pedestrians’ way when not in use.

Its units have been tested in the Oxford, Plymouth, Staffordshire and Dundee councils in the last five years – with a conclusion that 80% of streets can host its technology.

Gavin Russell, CEO at Balfour Beatty Investments, said:  “Balfour Beatty’s close and long-standing relationships with local authorities across the length and breadth of the UK make us well able to tackle the challenge head on; putting our unrivalled capability in providing green infrastructure for communities and our innovative, collaborative spirit to good use.”

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