UKGBC launches guide for procuring renewable energy and carbon offsetting

The guidance is intended to be used by building developers, designers, owners, occupiers and policymakers

Every cup of Nespresso coffee to be carbon-neutral by 2022

The company achieved carbon-neutrality across its business operations in 2017 and now commits to achieving it across its supply chain and product life cycle

Canadian airline receives its new Airbus jet with carbon-neutral flight

Air Transat had its delivery flight powered by a kerosene blend containing 10% sustainable aviation fuel and made it carbon-neutral by offsetting the remaining emissions

Porsche enables drivers to offset their carbon footprint

Based on the amount of their vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions, customers can support various forest, biodiversity and renewable energy projects around the world

Dorset-based party band becomes ‘first in the UK to be carbon-neutral’

Two members of the Audio Allstars spoke to FNZ about offsetting the carbon footprint of their music and performances

Lion becomes ‘Australia’s first large-scale carbon-neutral brewer’

The firm has also committed to using 100% renewable electricity to brew its beers by 2025

Swedish startup to offset CO2 emissions using direct air capture technology

A new plant will extract up to 65 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, representing the estimated carbon footprint the company had during 2019 

Bathroom and kitchen brand Grohe achieves carbon-neutral production

The company has converted all its production plants as well as the logistics centres in Germany to run on green electricity

Belfius becomes ‘first carbon-neutral bank in Belgium’

The bank has reduced the energy consumed by its buildings and its staff’s journeys to and from work and uses a ‘green’ fleet

Canadian college to plant 30,000 trees to offset two years of emissions

The project will reforest approximately nine hectares of land, an area equivalent to 17 football fields