Wednesday 3 August 2022

Co2mission: Turkish Airlines launches carbon offsetting scheme

Co2mission: Turkish Airlines launches carbon offsetting scheme

Turkish Airlines has launched a new carbon offsetting scheme that gives passengers the opportunity to counter their emissions from their flights.

Called Co2mission, the initiative aims to balance the emissions caused by all business trips from the airline's personnel and enable consumers to fly more environmentally conscious on a voluntary basis.

It is offering various options for carbon offsets with environmental and communal benefits such as renewable energy and forestation.

Passengers can also contribute their desired amount to the project portfolio of their choice, therefore, purchasing an emission reduction certificate accredited by the UN.

Consumers only need to provide flight date information and arrival-departure stations to take part in the carbon offset process and are able to complete their carbon offset process whenever they want, regardless of which airline they travelled with.

Dr. Ahmet Bolat, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee said: “We are continuing to take the initiative to combat climate change, which stands at the forefront of today's global problems. Soon, we will add another to our sustainability focused projects which are proving themselves with successful results. The projects supported by the carbon offset programme will also show our heartfelt commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“The decision to implement this program is the result of our desire to conduct all our operations responsibly. I am sure that our passengers will also show great interest in the programme with the knowledge that all of us are responsible for this beautiful world we share.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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