‘Climate change making flights more turbulent’

From 1979 to 2020, severe turbulence shot up by 55%, new research reveals

Jet2 looks to buy 200m litres of SAF

The firm has said the purchase would represent one of the longest agreed SAF supply deals to date

‘Flight prices to grow by 230% without decarbonisation’

Research claims that a return ticket from London to New York could reach £1,800 by 2050 from the average of £540 today

Hydrogen flights from Birmingham to Ibiza?

Birmingham Airport has teamed up with ZeroAvia to push forward zero-emission flights this decade

‘China lifts COVID restrictions and jet fuel demand doubles’

Demand globally is set to rise by 20% year on year, a report claims

Delta Airlines to open net zero lab

It will focus on bringing new green technologies to the commercial market for the aviation sector

Company hopes H2 plane can fly you from Japan to Germany in 1.5 hours!

Could a hydrogen plane feasibly travel at almost ten times the speed of a Concorde?

Airbus invests in ‘world’s largest’ clean hydrogen infrastructure fund

It will provide financial capital to back large-scale green hydrogen infrastructure projects globally

Boeing and Alder Fuels partner to expand SAF production globally

They will test and qualify Alder-derived SAF using Boeing airlines and help advance policies to accelerate the transition to renewables in aviation

NASA seeks partners to develop technologies for lower-emission airplanes

It plans to fund one or more projects to design, built, test and fly a large-scale demonstrator with an advanced airframe configuration