Company hopes H2 plane can fly you from Japan to Germany in 1.5 hours!

Could a hydrogen plane feasibly travel at almost ten times the speed of a Concorde?

Big Zero Report 2023

A Swiss company is optimistic it could fly you from Frankfurt to Tokyo in 1.5 hours, powered entirely by hydrogen.

Destinus is currently developing an aircraft that it claims could fly at an astonishing 11,500mph using just green hydrogen.

The speeds being considered by the business would quash Concorde, which had a top speed of 1,350mph according to British Airways.

Mikhail Kokorich is the innovator behind Destinus – and has stated his belief that creating an autonomous plane that could fly at an altitude of 60km without pilots at lightning speeds isn’t farfetched.

In its early stages, the plane will only fly cargo, not people, as research continues on ensuring the safety of the vessel.

Thus far, two prototypes have been made that are much smaller than the eventual aircraft would be – with data collection ongoing on engine performance and speed.

“We want to bring back this golden age by enabling people to fly anywhere in the world within a few hours. Our plan is to start a first supersonic flight next year. We are aiming for the first hypersonic flight from 2024 to 2025,” Kokorich said.

The only fuel being used in the engine is green hydrogen, which would only leave water in the atmosphere, the company has said.

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