Wednesday 31 January 2024

Net Hero Podcast – The science of better heating…

Net Hero Podcast – The science of better heating…

The weather is all over the place right now but it's certainly been cold and I'm sure you've had your heating on.

The affordability of heat is a real issue for society, politicans and the energy industry. We have people despite government subsidies, really struggling to pay to keep warm. Our homes leak heat endlessly and our businesses and industries are no better.

So how can we tackle the heat question? How can we keep warm or cold, (think of the growing need for air conditioning around the globe), in the most low carbon way? That's part of the conundrum being studied at Leeds Beckett University's Sustainability Institute. I spoke to Professor David Glew who is Director of the institute to discuss what we can do to address the issue of heat and the wider science behind cutting emissions.

Listen in to a brilliant discussion which covers a wide range of subjects on how important science based testing of net zero technologies is for our future.

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Written by

Sumit Bose

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