Net Hero Podcast – What God can teach us about net zero!

The vast majority of people on Earth believe in God, so can we learn to use the power of religion to change our climate?

Big Zero Report 2023

Is climate change a religious topic ? Can we learn from those who believe in God when it comes to convincing us to change our ways?

Is the truth that net zero is missing the heavenly touch? That’s what I discussed with Michael Pollitt Professor of Business Economics at the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge.

He’s looked at how the messages of climate change pushed out by environmentalists, companies, politicans and the media measure up against the word of God.

In essence does all the negative messaging about doom, gloom and 1.5C+ act against our collective psyche and so, instead of encouraging change make us more resigned to inaction?

Michael and I discuss if we need to reframe the messages to be more positive and if the power of people with faith, which is the vast majority of the planet, is the key way to get us all to cut emissions.

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