Wednesday 22 November 2023

Net Hero Podcast – Chris Skidmore continues his mission

Net Hero Podcast – Chris Skidmore continues his mission

This week I spoke to Chris Skidmore MP, the man with our Net Zero plan.

As Energy Minister back in 2019 he actually wrote into law our 2050 target and it has been his passion ever since. In autumn of 2022 he set out Mission Zero his 129 recommendations for the government as a pathway to net zero.

Chris will be leaving parliament at the next election to concentrate on promoting his roadmap to net zero for both business and individuals and has written a book 'Misson Zero' to explain his ideas. I caught up with him just before he heads to COP28 to talk about the book, the current policy landscape and of course his reportcard on our progress to net zero so far.

Listen to our conversation it's honest and revealing and if you are a futurenetzero reader you can order a copy of the book at a discounted price.

Simply go here and quote ZEROM. Let me know your thoughts on our chat and remember to watch/subscribe to the podcast on your usual channel.

Written by

Sumit Bose

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