Aberdeen unveils ‘world’s first’ double-decker hydrogen buses

The buses are the first in operation of 139 from the EU’s Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe project

South Korea backs its first zero emissions ferry

The electric ferry represents progress towards the nation’s pledge to reach net zero by 2050

GM unveils new brand logo to demonstrate ‘electrified’ future

The firm has updated its logo for the first time since 1964 to reflect a renewed focus on EVs

Climate Bonds Initiative sets out green bond criteria for shipping sector

It provides a clear definition for evaluation on whether a shipping project contributes to climate change mitigation as well as guidance on how companies can transition towards zero carbon

Asda trials electric delivery bike to reach customers in pedestrianised areas and zero emission zones

Weighing 150 kilograms, the e-cargo bike has a chassis made of a bio-recyclable flax and can reach speeds of up to 15mph

Global commitments to net zero double in less than a year

Cities and regions with a carbon footprint greater than the emissions of the US and companies with a combined revenue of more than $11.4tn are now pursuing net zero goals

New Zealand backs hydrogen fuelling network with $20m funding

The money will support the installation of eight hydrogen stations for heavy fuel cell electric vehicles

Total joins ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’ to decarbonise global maritime industry

The oil and gas company will provide expertise on fuels, marine lubricants and zero emission technologies as part of the coalition

Boston releases guidebook for zero emission buildings

It says the greenhouse gas emissions from the use of electricity, heating oil, natural gas and steam in buildings account for more than two-thirds of the city’s total emissions

Lock-up garages ‘could be turned into EV rapid charging hubs for Londoners’

A new project aims to provide charging capacity for more than 100,000 cars every day