€1.6bn Baltic Sea wind project deal

Iberdrola and Masdar have concluded their €1.6 billion partnership to develop the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm, with Iberdrola holding a 51% majority share

Electric Insights: the top stories for Britain’s energy generation for 2023 so far

The first quarter of 2023 saw massive changes in Britain’s electricity generation landscape and our journey towards net zero. Here we explore what they mean with the key highlights from the latest Electric Insights report

Energy giants invest in new wind farm in Baltic Sea

Masdar and Iberdrola will invest in wind farm in the German Baltic Sea

Scottish homes power wind turbines with heat pumps and EVs

Scottish households have participated in a project to support wind farm operations by embracing low carbon technologies

Saying yes to wind could cut your energy bills!

New incentives are being considered for local communities that support onshore wind projects near their homes

UK’s first large-scale lithium site gets green light

The Middlesbrough facility will put the UK on the map when it comes to processing the metal critical to EVs, phones and wind farms

New 200-MW Finnish wind farm planned

The site run by Ilmatar Energy and Finsilva should generate power within five years.

Siemens Gamesa announces 2,900 layoffs

The wind turbine maker has said this is the result of restructuring its operating model

It’s always windy in Manchester!

The city will facilitate the installation of 2,000 small wind turbines that will boost local power generation

US launches $675m programme to expand critical materials supply chains

Critical materials are required for manufacturing many clean energy technologies, including batteries, EVs, wind turbines and solar panels