New 200-MW Finnish wind farm planned

The site run by Ilmatar Energy and Finsilva should generate power within five years.

Big Zero Report 2023

Ilmatar Energy, a Finnish company that builds and owns renewable energy facilities is in the process of developing a 200-megawatt wind farm in Virrat in Northern Finland.

The tentative size of the project area owned by Finsilva, a natural capital company, is roughly 3,200 hectares, allowing 20–25 wind turbines to be built.

The planning and permit process for the Vermassalo wind farm will begin towards the end of 2022. The construction work is planned to take place in 2025–2026 and electricity generation should start around 2027–2028.

Managing Director of Finsilva Juha Hakkarainen said: “Creating facilities for renewable energy, such as wind power, is an important part of our strategy. Renewable energy is the fastest evolving form of energy in the world, and it presents our company with interesting opportunities that we have decided to take.”

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