Electric Insights: the top stories for Britain’s energy generation for 2023 so far

The first quarter of 2023 saw massive changes in Britain’s electricity generation landscape and our journey towards net zero. Here we explore what they mean with the key highlights from the latest Electric Insights report

Big Zero Report 2023

Electric Insights is produced quarterly with an objective overview of the latest developments and is independently created by a team of academics at Imperial College

Wind overtakes natural gas as Britain’s largest source of energy for the first time

In the first quarter of 2023, power from wind turbines took over from gas as Britain’s main source of electricity. That’s the first time in more than 100 years that fossil fuels have not been our biggest power provider. Between January and March 2023, wind supplied 32.4% of the country’s electricity – while gas supplied 31.7%. This was partly because January was very windy, with turbines
generating more than 21GW for the first time.

You can read more detail and to download the report here

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