UN: ‘Stop overusing water or we could run out’

The world’s water supply is being drained by overconsumption, a new report has found

‘Climate change to blame for Argentinian drought’

Argentina is the world’s top soy exporter and third for corn – both of which have barely been able to grow throughout the ongoing drought

Amazon Web Services commits to become water-positive by 2030

This will ensure it will return more water to communities than it uses in its direct operations

Less than half the world deem climate change a ‘serious threat’

The Ukraine War, cost-of-living crisis and COVID-19 are now all considered more immediate threats

The Carbon Column – Road transport: which direction?

In post I focus on the dark side of lithium, a metal that could be more harmful than helpful

Diageo launches £450k climate fund for farmers in Africa

The beverage giant is providing funds through three challenges focused on carbon, water and biodiversity impacts

UK provides £38m to fight food and water scarcity in West Africa

This is due to climate change and ongoing conflicts

A pint of recycled urine could be as green as it gets

To tackle water scarcity in Singapore, could a sewage and urine-made beer be the answer?

Droughts two years ago worst since 1766

Recent drought levels have not been seen since before American independence