UK provides £38m to fight food and water scarcity in West Africa

This is due to climate change and ongoing conflicts

Big Zero Report 2023

The UK government has announced that £37.65m in humanitarian aid will be given to various countries in West Africa to protect water and food supply.

Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Nigeria and Niger will benefit from the funding – with an estimated 20 million people in these countries requiring humanitarian aid by the end of the year.

Climate change, extremism in the Sahel region and other conflicts have seen food and water supplies drop significantly, the government has stated.

Warming in the region has exacerbated drought, with the importation of necessary goods slowed down from conflicts.

“The number of people facing starvation are at their worst for a decade. Whilst this UK funding is a necessity, it has to be part of a bigger international effort. We’re calling on international partners to enhance our collective support and scale-up intervention to halt this humanitarian catastrophe,” said Minister for Africa, Vicky Ford.

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