We need to appeal to people’s sense of morality to achieve net zero, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Michael Pollitt, Professor at the University of Cambridge, who told us that religious morality can help us solve the climate crisis

Worst impacts of climate change ‘not explored enough’

Scientists claim that the world is not preparing for a worst-case scenario situation when it comes to global warming

Cambridge scientists unveil battery that captures carbon while charging

The supercapacitor device is predicted to help power CCS technologies at a lower cost

“One in every 45 people could be environment refugees by 2050”

Researchers have warned if emissions continue to soar sea levels may rise by a further 0.4 to 0.8m by 2100

Cambridge Uni and First Hydrogen strike research deal

The partnership will be focused on zero-emission hydrogen vehicles

Climate change making plants flower early – how do animals fare?

A new study reveals some animals cannot adapt quickly enough to these changes and numbers are dwindling

Manufacturer eyes zero waste wind turbine blades by 2030

LM Wind Power aims to send no excess manufacturing materials to landfills without energy recovery

Cambridge Uni leads team to develop simulator for net zero flights

It has announced the launch of an international group of experts in aerospace, economics, policy and climate science, building the simulator to help achieve one of the world’s biggest decarbonisation challenges