Cambridge boffins turn biomass into hydrogen

Scientists have developed a way to use sunlight to turn unprocessed biomass into clean hydrogen. The steps to create the new solar fuel are outlined in a research paper from the University of Cambridge, which says the sustainable and relatively cheap process could have significant implications for the future of energy generation. The biomass is suspended in a mixture of catalytic nanoparticles and alkaline […]

Cambridge Uni bans investment in coal, tar sands

The University of Cambridge has blacklisted investments in coal and tar sands companies. In a statement, the institution said it has “no exposure to the most pollutive industries such as thermal coal and tar sands” and “no expectations of having any such exposure in the future”. Its report adds it aims to encourage its fund managers […]

‘Climate risks could hit global investment’

Global investment portfolios could lose up to 45% as a consequence of climate change sentiment. A new report from the University of Cambridge stated investors can’t necessarily protect themselves from most of the unless action on climate change is taken. It added around half of the potential loss could be avoided through portfolio reallocation. It looked at […]

Green homemade petrol from sunlight within decades

Air, water and sun – not just a rejected band name but also apparently the recipe for homemade green petrol. Cambridge researchers say in a matter of decades households could be using sunlight to synthesise their own fuel, using a method that mimics the natural process of photosynthesis. It works by using solar energy to […]

UK team hopes solar car wins world race

The car may look like a space pod that could fly but it’s actually hoping to do something debatably far more impressive: win a marathon desert race powered by solar energy. The group of Cambridge students who designed and built the teardrop-shaped green car hope it will win the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The […]

Plant biofuel could rival oil – if we can make it

Scientists at the University of York have made a discovery they claim could help waste plant matter replace oil as a fuel source. Working with scientists from the University of Cambridge as well as California and Denmark, they found a way to break down the cellulose in plant matter so that it can be made […]