Thames Water ties with SGN for biogas installations

Waste sludge from sewage treatment will be used to create biomethane to warm homes

Thames Water and Kingston Council plan to harness ‘poo power’ to heat homes

The project is the first of its kind in England and supports the council’s target of being carbon neutral by 2038

Thames Water swaps diesel vans for vintage bicycles at Walton Advanced Water Treatment Works

The refurbished ‘sit-up-and-beg’ Pashley bikes now allow workers to travel around one of the organisation’s sites in an emissions-free way

UK Power Networks joins consortium to deliver £1.5bn worth of infrastructure work for London’s green recovery

Funding will support upgrades of the gas and water supply network and will boost the EV charging infrastructure across the capital

Dutch water supplier switches on floating solar park to cover its electricity needs

More than four thousands solar panels are expected to generate 1.7 million kWh of renewable energy every year, the equivalent of 650 homes’ electricity

Giant fatberg weighing 40 tonnes removed from London sewer

It was equivalent to the weight of three red London buses and found in Greenwich earlier this year

Urine for a surprise! Reading Festival pee and poop to be turned into renewable energy

Human waste from the festival will produce enough power to run two homes for a day

Thames Water fined £700k for sewage pollution

The Environment Agency said up to 30 million litres of sewage were released from the Maidenhead Sewage Treatment plant

Ofwat ‘concerned’ about four water firms’ business plans

The regulator said there is a ‘significant gap’ between its view of efficient costs and the revised proposals of Anglian Water, SES Water, Thames Water and Yorkshire Water

Thames Water chief Steve Robertson steps down

The water company has struggled with falling profits, leaks and increasing customer complaints