Funding renewed for US bioenergy research centres

Three US research centres created towards developing advanced, “next generation” biofuels are getting funding for an extra five-year period from the Department of Energy (DoE). The centres were established by the Department’s Office of Science in 2007 as an innovative programme to accelerate “research breakthroughs” in biofuels. Funded at a rate of $25 million (£16.3m) […]

$130m US fund for ‘cutting-edge’ research in energy

The US Energy Department has announced a fund worth $130 million (£81m) for 66 “cutting-edge” research projects in the energy industry. The cash from the department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) is part of its ‘OPEN 2012’ programme, which will support a range of technologies, including advanced fuels, building efficiency, carbon capture, renewable […]

$43m US energy storage fund for EVs

The US Department of Energy is set to provide $43million (£27.5million) funding to develop energy storage technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) in the States. The department will support 19 new projects, focusing on innovations in battery management and storage for electric cars, through the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). Researchers will also work towards improving […]

Energy Ministers act on global efficiency

ELN reports from last week’s Clean Energy Ministerial where ministers from 23 countries agreed energy efficiency standards for domestic appliances

USA shares its clean energy success stories

The US Secretary of Energy said it was time to “forget the blame game” and urged the international community to accept the combined responsibility of global climate change. Speaking at London’s Clean Energy Ministerial, the man labelled its “founding father” suggested engaging with the commercial opportunities clean energy had to offer was the way forward. […]

World Ministers talk clean energy

The third Clean Energy Ministerial began here in London this morning. Around 20 Energy ministers from across the world will be in talks for two days discussing the pros and cons of clean technologies such as CCS and solar as well as issues of funding and public backing. Britain’s Ed Davey and his US counterpart […]

What can we expect from the Clean Energy Ministerial?

Solar power and energy efficiency could be big on the agenda at talks to be held in London this week by leading energy ministers from around the globe. The third Clean Energy Ministerial is being hosted in London by Energy Secretary Ed Davey and his American counterpart, Energy Secretary Steven Chu. The talks are a chance for […]

Floating wind turbines unite Britain and the States

Floating wind turbines are uniting Britain and the United States as they agree today to collaborate in developing the new floating wind technology. The turbines are designed to generate power in deep waters currently off limits to conventional turbines but where the wind is much stronger. The deal kicks off a week of talks about […]

Energy efficient warfare? Roger that

The United States is putting forward more cash for research to make its army’s devices more energy efficient. US Energy Secretary Steven Chu yesterday announced a $30 million (£18.8) research competition to fund improving energy storage devices, which includes some being developed by the Department of Defense. One such project is hoping to increase the […]

US Government pledges $180m to offshore wind

The US Government is giving $180 million (£114m) to four offshore wind projects across the States. Over the next six years the money will be dished out to speed up the deployment of “breakthrough” wind power technologies. Announcing the news, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said: “These investments are critical to ensuring that America remains […]