Wednesday 25 April 2012

USA shares its clean energy success stories

USA shares its clean energy success stories

The US Secretary of Energy said it was time to “forget the blame game” and urged the international community to accept the combined responsibility of global climate change. Speaking at London’s Clean Energy Ministerial, the man labelled its “founding father” suggested engaging with the commercial opportunities clean energy had to offer was the way forward.

Cutting emissions through clean energy could be done in a way that was beneficial economically, Dr Steven Chu insisted. He said: “This is just the start. If you think about energy efficiency and the rebuilding of infrastructure... there is a tremendous opportunity to build an infrastructure that literally could be twice as efficient as the one that was built in the previous century”

Ministers from 23 leading economies gathered to discuss 11 clean energy initiatives to improve international collaboration. One of these is energy efficiency, something the American sees as a major driver for accelerating the low carbon economy.

Dr Chu said: “We’ve made a big effort in appliance efficiency- this is what we consider one of our most promising efforts… Introducing very efficient appliances in countries that cost no more than their inefficient counterparts really save money.”

“It’s what we call in the United States a ‘no-brainer’. Loosely translated it will save your people money and your country energy.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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