UK imposes carbon pricing on imports

The UK will implement a new import carbon pricing mechanism by 2027, aiming to support its decarbonisation efforts

Tata Steel starts hydrogen blast furnace tests

It projects the pilot will lead to a 10% reduction in the carbon emissions per tonnes of crude steel made at its plant in Jamshedpur

Building an airport with green steel?

A company is refurbishing an airport in Spain with green steel – which will reduce the carbon footprint by 40%

Europe’s first commercial green steel?

A Swedish company is hopeful of producing fossil free steel by 2025

Government considers setting aside £600m for green steel

Two of the UK’s largest steelmakers are set to benefit from the grants

India goes big on hydrogen

The nation is looking to increase investment in both green hydrogen and ammonia

Government announces £49.4m to help heavy industry switch to lower carbon fuels

It will support the steel, ceramics, pharmaceutical and food production industries in ending their reliance on fossil fuels and reducing energy costs

Sweden granted €155.7m for ‘just’ climate transition

The EU fund will also support the country’s ambition to achieve climate-neutrality by 2045

US provides $31m to develop CCS technologies

They will be capable of capturing at least 95% of emissions from natural gas and waste-to-energy plants and industrial applications such as cement and steel

BHP and Tata partner for green steel venture

Carbon capture and biomass are key technologies being considered