‘You shouldn’t be paying more than £1.65 for your petrol’

A campaign claims that petrol stations are making as much as £20 profit per family car on fuel

Government report explains why petrol prices are so high

This report also considers means to stop retailers taking advantage of drivers’ pockets

Business Secretary implores petrol retailers to cut prices

This follows Brits’ frustrations at the Chancellor’s Spring Statement not being delivered on

Fried chicken going down a treat for EV drivers

KFC has revealed more drivers are using its site, as they look to charge their car

‘Driving an electric car saves £600’

EVs cost £1,264 to run for a year, compared with £1,843 for a petrol car, a new report reveals

Staycation ahoy! Supermarkets drop petrol prices

The supermarkets Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s engaged in a price-cutting battle today, all chopping 2p off the price of their petrol and diesel. Drivers at any of Asda’s 234 forecourts will pay no more than 126.7 pence per litre (ppl) for unleaded and 129.7 ppl for diesel. Asda said this is the first time diesel […]

Gas prices rise for third month

Consumers are up in arms over the proposed increases