Nearly 95% of HGVs ‘are compliant with tighter air pollution London rules’

It is estimated that the number of heavy vehicles meeting ULEZ standards has doubled since the scheme was first introduced in February 2017

EV sales soared by 186% during pandemic

The UK market grew six times faster than the global average, a new study finds

‘EVs can drive five times further than petrol cars with £50 of fuel’

New research directly compares the Nissan Leaf E+ and the Volkswagen Golf across the countries in which both are available to buy

EV sales continued to rise in June despite overall new car sales decline

Sales of EVs have risen by 73% while petrol engines and diesel cars have seen a 40% and 60% decline respectively

National Grid pledges to stop adding new petrol and diesel cars to fleet in 2027

The electricity system operator has also committed to fuelling the entire fleet with cleaner fuel sources by 2030

New car sales slump by almost 90% across UK as BEV share increases by 22% in May

Diesel and petrol cars recorded the steepest declines in sales with 93% and 90% respectively, according to a new report

No sale of fossil fuel cars in Ireland from 2030 under new proposals

The government also plans to stop granting National Car Tests for petrol and diesel vehicles from 2045