Nottingham offers 50 electric vans for free trial to local businesses

The vehicles will be added to the council’s fleet after the initial loan period

Purpose-built fully-electric bin lorries ‘to clean up Nottingham’s streets’

The two eRCVs are expected to generate more than £300,000 of savings during their lifetime

Nottingham City Homes launches its first electric vehicle fleet

A total of six cars and four vans have currently been replaced, with plans for more green vehicles

Nottingham Council gushes about potential savings with self-supply water licence

The council’s Energy Services team will take over responsibility for its water services from 14th August

Nottingham Council seeks self-supply retail water licence

The move is expected to help the council reduce costs

ELF 2018: Sharing innovations ‘key to cutting energy usage and costs’

The Innovation Gateway brings public bodies and private businesses together to boost low carbon collaboration