bp delivers carbon-neutral LNG cargo to Taiwan’s CPC

It is the energy giant’s first delivery of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region

Carbon-neutral LNG cost tracker launched

S&P Global Platts has launched a tool to track the cost of carbon credits purchased to offset the emissions of LNG production and transportation

Venture Global plans to capture CO2 at two LNG export plants

The company intends to compress CO2 at the Calcasieu Pass and Plaquemines LNG sites, transport and inject it deep into subsurface saline aquifers where it will be permanently stored

Gazprom delivers first ‘carbon-neutral’ LNG to Europe

The company said the shipment has been made carbon-neutral by offsetting emissions from its production and transport

Wärtsilä selected to supply LNG equipment for three new vessels

The short-sea roll-on, lift-off vessels will be operated by Finnish Bore Ltd

Australia ‘on track to become world’s largest LNG exporter’

Its export capacity increased from 2.6bn cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in 2011 to more than 11.4Bcf/d this year

Freedom Molecules
US announces plans to spread ‘freedom gas’ through the world

Donald Trump’s Department of Energy has rebranded liquefied natural gas as ‘molecules of US freedom’

Global LNG market faces sharp shifts in supply and demand

LNG supply is estimated to increase by 33 million metric tons per year in 2019

EU calls on US to ease LNG export rules

It comes as the EU has seen a continued increase in imports of LNG from the US, rising by 181% over the last six months

beer bottles
Beer brand trials LNG truck to deliver its drinks

AB InBev will use the low carbon lorry to carry shipments from its brewery in Samlesbury, Lancashire