Iceland keeps its carbon underground – But how?

An Icelandic company is looking to crack the code on carbon capture in an innovative way

Scotland leads on net zero islands conference

Hosted on the Shetland Islands, delegates will visit from across the Nordic regions to see energy projects being built and discuss how to reach carbon-neutrality

NASA satellites show before and after on climate change

Images have been released detailing the impact global warming has had on certain areas over the last 30-40 years

Solar PPA to help Iceland stay frosty

Octopus has signed a power purchase agreement to supply power from the Breach solar farm in Cambridgeshire

How are bananas growing in Iceland?

Geothermal energy is the answer – but that’s not all!

A garage idea protecting your energy supply

We don’t think of how our energy reaches us – but maybe we should…

The Carbon Column – Vertical farming, will it get off the ground?

In this article I look a vertical farming, an alternative method to reduce deforestation

‘Mammoth’ new facility to suck 36,000 tons of carbon annually from the air in Iceland

Climeworks’ new direct air capture plant will have a nominal carbon dioxide capture capacity of 36,000 tons per year when fully operational, with the aim of removing gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year by 2050

Swarovski partners with Climeworks to tackle carbon emissions

The luxury jewellery firm is backing the company’s commercial direct air capture project, claimed to be the world’ first project of its kind, in Iceland

Iceland rolls out flexible plastic recycling bins in UK stores

The new bins allow customers to recycle flexible plastic film items, including carrier bags, bread bags, produce bags and magazine wraps, which typically cannot be recycled at home