‘World’s largest’ carbon capture plant begins operations

Based in Iceland, the facility can capture up to 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year

Icelandic firm Össur to become carbon neutral in 2021

The company, which manufactures orthopaedics equipment, including prosthetics, says it will achieve the goal for energy and fuel consumption, waste generation as well as business travel

Iceland launches plastic-free bread and potato trials to reduce plastic footprint

The new trials are forecast to reduce Iceland’s plastic footprint by more than 350 tonnes every year

Audi and Climeworks partner for ‘world’s largest’ direct air capture and storage project

The plant will filter 4,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air every year and store them in underground rock

Iceland slashes food waste by almost a quarter

The food retailer has set a target to achieve a 50% reduction of food waste by 2030

Iceland slashes annual plastic packaging use by 29%

The supermarket chain says it has removed 3,794 tonnes of plastic to date, the equivalent weight of 36 blue whales

Climate action: EU, Iceland and Norway agree to strengthen co-operation

Iceland and Norway intend to develop a national climate plan describing their existing and planned policies and measures

Iceland recycles a million plastic bottles in deposit return scheme

Two thirds of customers used the reverse vending machines at least once a fortnight over the last year

Scientists commemorate first Icelandic glacier lost to climate change

A bronze plaque, which carries ‘a letter to the future’ says all of Iceland’s glaciers are expected to follow the same path in the next 200 years

Icelandic waste to get shipped abroad for Dutch energy

Geminor has signed a deal to handle what it claims is the first ever export of treated waste from Iceland