What is an ESOS audit and what rules do you have to follow?

All companies meeting ESOS compliance criteria must audit areas of significant energy consumption

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How to navigate the energy market with confidence

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Energise at The Big Zero Show

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How will the changes to EPCs affect your organisation?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have been a staple standard for over 15 years, but the rating methodology has been tweaked recently. Before we get to those chang-es and how they will affect you, there are a few back-ground details you should be aware of

FinnCap acquires 50% of Energise

The share has been purchased for £2.1m

‘Collaboration helps organisations execute a better outcome in their net zero strategy’

Managing Director of Energise, Simon Alsbury, spoke with futureNetZero.com on the need for organisations to collaborate on the path to net zero

Is hydrogen worse for the environment than natural gas?

An article published recently by Sky News warns of the hidden costs of hydrogen; Energise’s Head of Net Zero, Sarah Legg, shared her thoughts on the role and future of hydrogen in our transition to Net Zero

My career and how I ended up in the world of carbon

This piece is brought to you by Energise’s Head of Net Zero, Sarah Legg. In her own words, she walks us through the steps that got her to the position she holds today and the values she built along the way