Net Hero Podcast – Feature Week special – The energy markets

How can your business get through this winter? I chat to experts about how to get help and navigate the markets at this tricky time

Big Zero Report 2023

This is our feature week on the Energy Markets and so it’s a special edition of the Net Hero Podcast. This week I talk to Daniel Connell from Laser Energy and Simon Alsbury of Energise.

We talk through how we got to this situation, the global pressures leading to this volatile market and also how the Energy Bill Relief scheme will work and how to access help. Also, perhaps most importantly of all, how you can take steps to save energy but continue to run your business or organisation at the same level.

Plenty more content on the energy markets here. Next week I talk about the grid and if it’s holding back our ambitions to decarbonise. Keep subscribing to the podcast and remember to be featured, just drop me a line.

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