Friday 22 October 2021

‘Collaboration helps organisations execute a better outcome in their net zero strategy’

‘Collaboration helps organisations execute a better outcome in their net zero strategy’

"If you start looking at the various places where collaboration is beneficial then it really does help organisations to execute a better outcome in their strategy."

Managing Director of Energise, Simon Alsbury, spoke with on the need for organisations to collaborate on the path to net zero.

On the outcome collaboration can have on businesses' journeys, he said: "Working with your competitors to develop a common industry approach and there's some great work on that in the last few years around water, retail launched a roadmap last year, there's a forthcoming one on hospitality.

"There's a whole series of other sectors starting to look at this in more detail. They've all got common supply chains, so there's a supply chain collaboration.

"I think as a consequence of all that, there's common technological challenges - so there's a collaboration opportunity around innovation and beyond that there's also the element of collaborating with your customer. If you can't get your customer on board in the journey, then the ability to reduce emissions is harder."

"You won't necessarily be able to achieve this alone and opening up to doing it together, rather than trying to do it in isolation" was considered key to Mr Alsbury.

What can your business achieve in emissions reduction from opening up to collaboration?

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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