Ripple and Nelnet launch $44m clean energy fund

The investment will support solar energy projects across the US, which are estimated to offset more than 1.5m tons of carbon emissions over 35 years

Green digital asset MCO2 token listed on crypto platform

MCO2, which was launched by environmental platform MOSS in March 2020, is equivalent to one carbon credit

Mode Global targets net zero crypto operations by 2030

It is working on plans to tackle its carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality ‘significantly ahead’ of this date

Crypto powered by cow manure?

Bury-based crypto mining company is running its computers using cow manure and other renewable energies

‘Bitcoin miners to play key role in delivering an abundant, clean energy future’

Financial services company Square says bitcoin miners can act as a flexible load option to ease wind and solar deployment bottlenecks and drive down the cost of renewable energy

Bitcoin demand is massive – but dwarfed by domestic devices on standby

New research from the University of Cambridge suggests the cryptocurrency network consumes energy at a rate of around 50TWh a year

Bitcoin ‘causing carbon emissions comparable to the city of Hamburg’

Researchers concluded the cryptocurrency generates around 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year

Short Fuse Episode 37

Short Fuse episode featuring the latest energy news and insights.

Could bitcoin pay the (heating) bills after all?

Heatmine’s device uses waste heat from generating cryptocurrencies to warm buildings

Energy cost of mining bitcoin ‘double that of gold’

New research reveals the significant energy expense in generating cryptocurrencies