Royal Bank of Canada crowned ‘largest fossil financier’

A report claims the bank provided $42.1bn in funding for fossil fuel projects in 2022

UK and Canada agree deal on EVs and solar

Collaboration on cobalt and lithium has been sealed, as demand looks to rise by 500% by 2040

Keystone pipeline shuts due to oil spill

More than 14,000 barrels of crude oil spilled into a creek in Kansas

EU deforestation laws ‘burdensome’ says Canadian Ambassador

She has been slammed for stating the rules could hinder trade between the country and the continent

Next month’s UN summit ‘last chance’ to protect nature

That’s according to the Head of Natural England

COP27: UK joins countries to commit to slashing emissions from oil and gas

They have committed to cut emissions associated with fossil energy production and consumption, particularly to reduce methane emissions

Canada pledges $475m for Air Products’ net zero hydrogen complex

The hydrogen production and liquefaction facility will deploy advanced hydrogen technology and innovative design, including carbon capture technology

African oil and gas project called ‘a sin’ by indigenous people

The project is looking to take fossil fuels from the Okavango Delta in Botswana and Namibia

BMO banks on carbon credits from Amazon-backed tech firm in net zero drive

The purchase of carbon credits from CarbonCure over five years will represent 5,750 metric tons of carbon dioxide removal and reductions

Canada and UAE first to back maritime sector’s green fuels initiative

The Clean Energy Marine Hubs Initiative aims to advance the production, export and import of low carbon fuels