Aldi scraps best before dates on 60 own brand products to tackle food waste

It is part of the supermarket’s commitment to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025 and halve it by 2030

Aldi turns to biomethane trucks

It claims the move will produce 90% less emissions than its previous diesel trucks

Aldi full of beans in plastic removal

The supermarket chain has cut all plastic from its baked beans

Aldi trials all-electric refrigerated lorry powered by its own wheels

The trailer converts kinetic energy into electricity to power the on-board batteries as the wheels turn, keeping the products cool while reducing energy consumption

Aldi bans disposable BBQs from UK stores

The move is expected to stop 35 tonnes of single-use waste packaging from being released

Aldi pays back customers for recycled plastic bottles

Customers are able to return plastic or glass bottles and aluminium cans in exchange for vouchers worth up to £5

Aldi to reduce CO2 emissions behind closed fridge doors

The supermarket chain will install fridge doors to save a fifth of each store’s energy consumption

Aldi brews greener future with pledge to remove plastics from tea bags

Around 1.4bn pieces of single-use plastics are expected to be removed – preventing the equivalent of 80 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill every year

Aldi reduces plastic packaging by 29 tonnes for Easter

The supermarket retailer removes 2 million pieces of plastic from its Easter range in its journey towards fully-recyclable packaging by 2025