Carbon-neutral coke?

The certification of Coca-Cola’s two sites in Sweden and Spain marks an important step in the organisation’s 2040 net zero ambition

Britvic switches brands to 100% recycled plastic bottles

Using recycled plastic for Robinsons, Lipton Ice Tea and drench bottles is expected to save 1,354 tonnes of virgin plastic every year

Government to cut carbon with £50m peatland investment

The investment is set to save a projected 9m tonnes of carbon emissions by 2050, improving biodiversity and ecosystems in the process

Arla milk has ‘half the carbon footprint of global average’

The farming co-op has released a new report on its farms’ carbon footprints – revealing the main polluting factors on its farms and the action it is taking to curb emissions

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney does not want meat-eaters to ‘Let it Be’

His Meat Free Monday campaign’s new study claims that more than 30% of those who tried giving up meat once a week for five years ended up giving it up entirely

PepsiCo commits to becoming ‘net water positive’ by 2030

It will reduce absolute water use and replenish more than 100% of the water used at company-owned and third-party sites in high water risk areas

US dairy farms to milk carbon savings through sustainable cooling programme

New partnership will see the integration of more energy efficient and economically-viable cooling systems in line with the Net Zero Initiative

McDonald’s and eBay partner with Lightsource bp for US solar farm

The multinational giants have signed corporate power purchase agreements to power part of their US operations with solar

What do insects, circular design, green polymers and arid land have in common?

Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment has published a new report that tells all…

FMC Corporation targets net zero emissions by 2035

The agricultural sciences company aims to reduce its energy intensity by 25% and water use intensity in high-risk locations by 20% by 2030